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La Catrina x Ashley Meza

At Reina Rebelde, we’re really into Día de Los Muertos!  In this video featuring Ashley Meza, we will be showing you a Catrina makeup tutorial to give you some inspo for Day of the Dead.

La Catrina & Day of the Dead

Día de Los Muertos is an opportunity to pay homage to loved ones who have passed away. Families remember the souls of their deceased relatives and share their fondest memories. It is believed that the day reunites the dead and living.

Mexican illustrator, José Guadalupe Posada, first etched the La Catrina in 1910. It depicts a female skeleton dressed in a fancy floral hat befitting a European high-society outfit. The chapeau, inspired by French and European styles of the early 20th century, is a satire of Mexicans who over-embraced aristocratic European traditions and was meant to remind us that death was always the great equalizer.

Over time, the increasing popularity of the motif has inspired many people to create their versions of La Catrina. Here is Ashley Meza's interpretation:


What you’ll need:

La Catrina Makeup Tutorial featuring Ashley Meza in 12 Easy Steps

  1. Outline your eyes with Reina Rebelde Zapatista Black Liquid Eyeliner. Next, apply white makeup to your face except for the areas you outlined in black. You can add multiple layers of makeup for excellent coverage.
  2. Add a pop of green color around your eyes. Make sure you don’t miss any details and define the outline (that you previously drew) with black.
  3. The next step is to evenly apply winged eyeliner using Reina Rebelde Chifalda to both eyes, outlining it using a black liquid eyeliner.
  4. Apply the lash glue, and place your false lashes on your lash line.
  5. Brush a light coat of black under your eyes to make them pop.
  6. Once you’re done with the eye makeup look, it’s time to start doing contour makeup à la Catrina. 
  7. Draw the design outline on your chin, cheeks, and forehead.
  8. Do contour makeup on your cheeks and nose - except instead of traditional shades, you will be using eyeshadows to add a pop of green and light orange.
  9. To frame your face, paint the flowers and leaves with our liquid eyeliners that you would normally use for cat eye makeup.
  10. Use our lip gloss in Enchufada to add a thin round strip around the eyes. And then, draw multiple curves using a Blue Liquid Eyeliner around your eyes.
  11. Highlight your lips with a perfect nude lipstick La Jefa. Draw a curvy line following the natural curve of your closed lips. 
  12. And finally, add vertical lines separated by one centimeter using our Zapatista black eyeliner, simulating the skeleton’s teeth. Make sure the center line is the longest and those on the edges the shortest.

Finally, don’t forget to make the rest of your costume amazing, to complete your Catrina look!