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¿Tienes Topo?

¿Tienes Topo?

Climate change is going strong and it’s hot AF! Better trust the experts...

Latinas have a lock on summer heat strategies, after all, verano is our season and sol is our power.

At Reina Rebelde HQ in Texas (which during July is approximately 10 feet from the sun) we know that you best have a plan or EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU WILL MELT, except for your Zapatista. But that’s what us Latinas are best at, taking limón (or lima, depending on where you're at in this debate) and making limonada - then looking damn good sipping it in front of a fan that’s blowing our hair like a J-Lo video with impossibly perfect, bright Brava lipstick and winged eyeliner that stays put despite the heat. Deep breath, fan yourself dramatically, re-focus.

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Our solution: Topo Chico (originally from Monterrey) – take six and call me in the morning.

We are straight nuts about Topo Chico! Like Regina, it showed up in the United States from México circa 1992. Nada cuts the cotton-mouthed summer thirst like those feisty Topo bubbles dancing around your mouth like Kevin Bacon in Footloose. (Who knew carbon dioxide could be so delicious and so much fun?)

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Don’t act like that doesn’t work for you.  God bless you Topo Chico, you will always have a place in our fridge and heart. 

And now, for our favorite part: Agua de Rancho

P.S. After Topo has put in a long day on the job keeping you cool and hydrated, it can combine with a bit of tequila to quickly relapse you back into a state of dehydration. We call this little treat AGUA DE RANCHO! Cover the rim of your glass with lime and dip it in our favorite seasoning  - Tajín (which amazingly comes in travel size bottles, so we always keep one in our purse for emergencias of the bland food variety). Add Hielo + Casa Dragones Blanco (delicious small-batch tequila made in Jalisco) + a splash of TopoChico + tons of fresh squeezed lime.  (All that salt is necessary to restore lost minerals 😂)




 The health benefits are undeniable. Coca-Cola says so: