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What the what? I did not order broken eyeshadow!

What the what? I did not order broken eyeshadow!
Correcto mi Reina - you did not order broken eyeshadow (we discontinued that line years ago). Okay, okay, so why does shit come broken sometimes? Below are the two most likely culprits followed by the “cuatro uno uno” aka “what had happened was,” aka the “splanation of the sitcheashun.”
    The truth is....
    1. Sometimes it’s our fault.
    2. Most times it’s USPS’s fault.
    Razon Uno - our B
    Well sis here’s the truth, and it’s actually far from ugly…In order for Reina Rebelde to produce a perfectly pressed powder that’ll have you glowing like a sexy sunset we have to add high levels of pearl to our formula. Que es pearl? Pearl is the shit that makes everything super LIT and shimmery! Unfortunately it also makes our eyeshadows more fragile than most. Entonces, we source special bubble wrap sleeves specifically for the eye shadows and we pack each order extra carefully. So yes, it’s completely our fault the eyeshadows look bomb AF and as a result will sometimes break. We accept full responsibility and will continue to make eyeshadows you deserve according to our strict policy of only making badass products! #SorryNotSorry
    Razon Dos - all about your $$$
    Mira, the USPS is the most economical way to ship. We’ve tried everything - UPS, FedEx, Pony Express and my cousin Tino who swore he could make the deliveries between stops on his lonchera route. Nothing comes close. We know nobody wants to pay as much for shipping as they do for their lipstick, so we ship with USPS and most of the time all goes well. However, they have a zillion things to deliver and most are not gorgeous, fragile pearl-packed eyeshadows. So as our products are going on their merry way a pothole or two might jump out and cause trouble. That’s life.
    And should something happen and you are not happy with your order, let us know. We are always trying to deliver amazing products that make you look as beautiful as you are while keeping a little tequila money in your pocket. If things don’t work out, let us know and we will make it right.