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The Best Bold Lip Color Stick to hide your Takis Addiction

The Best Bold Lip Color Stick to hide your Takis Addiction

Anyone who has ever tried Takis knows that they’re not just a basic snack. These bright red, rolled-up tortilla chips bring crunch, flavor, and happiness to anyone who gives into them. Sure, they can be messy, and yes, they might have caused a teenager to lose her gallbladder, but none of that matters as soon as you bite into that delicious rollito of goodness.

Like any addicting snack, you can’t have *just one*, so it’s a real struggle when you lock eyes with the iconic purple bag of your snack dreams, but you have a full face of makeup and somewhere to go. Eating a handful of Takis will result in a couple of blissful seconds, followed by the realization that you just dyed your fingertips the color of the el diablo.

 We believe you should be able to have a snack while looking like a snack, so here are some tips on how to use our Bold Lip Color Sticks to help you cover up your Taki addiction:


If you’re eating Takis Fuego, use the Bold Lip Color Stick in Brava:

If you’re planning on eating Takis Fuego (bright red rollito, purple bag) then you should definitely give Brava a try. Not only is this red lippie flattering on every skin tone, but it’s also roughly the same color as the Takis you’re going to stain your fingers and mouth with. The color similarity makes this the easiest, most straightforward way to disguise the ~mess~.


If you’re eating Takis Nitro, try the Bold Lip Color Stick in Moretón:

This is a great option for anyone who is planning on scarfing down a bag of Nitro Takis. Why? Well, the obvious answer is that the dark purple hue will make you look vampy and polished, while hiding the habanero, lime, and cucumber residue under its pigment. Also, if you’re bold enough to eat Takis Nitro (they’re not for those with weak taste buds), you are bold enough to rock a purple lip at any given time.


If you’re eating Takis Xplosion, go for the Bold Lip Color Stick in Rosa Salvaje:

This playful lipstick color will cover up any evidence that you had un antojo and ate a whole bag of Takis Xplosion. This particular hot pink shade is your best ally in concealing your love for cheese and chili peppers. This vibrant lippie inspired by the  international hit from the ‘80s will distract everyone from looking at your stained fingers.


If you’re going for the Takis Crunchy Fajitas, try the Bold Lip Color Stick in Xicana:

If you chose this flavor because you LOVE the snack version of the Tex-Mex dish, then I recommend you put on the Bold Lip Color Stick in Xicana. This beautiful, chocolate-colored lipstick (featured in Bravo's "The Perfect Nude for Every Skin Tone Does Exist, and Here's Proof") delivers full coverage, which is essential for those of us who have a thing for messy foods. 

If you’re taking a break from spicy snacks and want to eat some Takis Guacamole, then try the @Viva_Glam_Kay Bold Lip Color Stick in Alma Desnuda:

Viva Glam Kay Bold Lip Color Stick in Alma Desnuda should be your go-to when you’re craving guacamole-flavored Takis. This lipstick is part of an exclusive collaboration between Reina Rebelde and Kay-Lani Martinez of @Viva_Glam_Kay (who is no stranger to eating Takis with a full face of makeup on). It is also the most beautiful peachy nude lipstick out there. It is bold, yet subtle, and just like Guacamole Takis, it is the result of a perfect combination of talents.


When in doubt, go for the Bold Lip Color Stick in Tatuaje:

If you’re looking for a safe choice, Bold Lip Color Stick in Tatuaje will work for every single flavor, even if you combine all five. This dark lipstick is chic, elegant, and just like Takis, it’ll never go out of style.


Taki dust and Lip Brilliance in Virgen:

How can the sheerest lippie be the perfect match if you’re planning on eating Takis? Well it isn’t, and that’s why it works. Let this lipgloss be a reminder that you should eat your snacks before putting on your makeup. Start by doing your eye makeup, stop for a snack break, and when you’re all done, apply Virgen. Trust us, you won’t want Taki dust sticking to your gloss.


Other tips:


Eat your Takis like Soraya Montenegro eats her shrimp: making sure your lips never actually make contact with the snack.


If you’re done with your makeup and just want to grab some food before going to bed, place your Takis inside a another greasy snack or meal. This way you can use your food to satisfy a craving, while all its greasiness will work as a makeup remover. Two birds, one stone.


Plan your makeup look around the Takis flavor you wish to eat that day. That way, no matter if it stains your skin, at least it’ll go with the color scheme.


 If you have any other tips, tricks, or hacks, please let us know!